WorkOutDoors is the only Apple Watch workout app showing fully functional vector maps. It is also the most configurable app, with multiple screen layouts and over 160 live metrics. It is the perfect app for any type of outdoor workout: running, hiking, cycling and more.


Unique Vector Maps

The maps contain all the information necessary for outdoor workouts, including paths, trails, tracks & pistes. The use of vectors mean they can be smoothly panned with your finger and zoomed with the digital crown. The data is from OpenStreetMap and can be cached on your watch for use when there is no data signal.


The map shows a breadcrumb trail of where you have been, and can rotate according to direction of travel. Two compasses are available: a red one pointing north, and a green one that points to your starting position. You can also import GPX routes and waypoints and display them on the map (including geocaching caches).


Click here for more information on the maps.

Advanced Workout Features

WorkOutDoors allows you to configure multiple data screens and to cycle through them during a workout. You can control the layout and font size for each screen as well as the content (pace, heart, elevation etc). You can even customise each individual field from a pool of over 160 metrics, including graphs and buttons.


The app includes many advanced workout features, such as:

- many different screen layouts and text sizes;

- configure multiple data screens;

- cycle through data screens by triple-tapping;

- configure each screen from over 160 live metrics;

- summary information available at any time during the workout;

- manual or automatic laps (e.g. every mile or km);

- lap splits available for all metrics;

- interval alerts (e.g. every mile, every 1000 steps etc);

- limit alerts for heart rates, pace, speed and cadence;

- configurable heart rate zones;

- configurable target pace/speed with related metrics;

- target can be shown as a live icon on the map;

- 3 configurable rolling pace fields (e.g last mile);

- 16 different activity types;

- many types of graphical metrics;

- button fields provide shortcuts for any operation;

- workouts can be exported as GPX files;


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